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Hier, chouette discussion avec Kramer , le producteur Américain à propos de UFo goes Ufa et de l'approche musicale de ce projet ( mode d'enregistement, esprit du disque) .. Connaissant bien ce que fait le bonhomme et comme on est tous fan de ce son incroyable qui a façonné l'indie rock us des années 80 et 90, notre vision du projet semble être la même ... On se réjouit de travailler sur ce projet . Pascal LEsbos travaille bcp ses lignes de basse, SOphie sa batterie entre deux siestes farniente vacance et moi je fous que dalle ! CA promet ! Yeah ! D'ailleurs c'est bien simple pour l'instant on a que 6 morceaux !Mais on ne sent aucun stress, ça c'est cool ! VA falloir encore écrire en dernière minute les trucs ! C'est comme ça qu'on aime faire de toute manière sur freaksville !! Trouvez sur le net une liste des groupes qu'il a produit... Total respect ! On fait moins les malins maintenant hein mon p"tit miam .. Panique à bord !!! Selected Musician/Producer Activities:2006 producer DOT ALLISON2005 producer/mixer BROTHER DANIELSON2005 producer JEFF LEWIS2005 producer/collaborater ROPE, INC. II2004 LIZETH STRANGE2003-2004 ROPE,INC.2003 JOY ZIPPER2001-2004 producer LINDA DRAPER2002 producer PHIDEAUX XAVIER2001 SAETA "Structure in the Void"1998 producer DANIELSON FAMILIE1997 producer M. DOUGHTY (solo)1993-1995 producer LOW1995 producer URGE OVERKILL1994 producer/co-founder (w/Penn Jillette) THE CAPTAIN HOWDY1994 bass guitarist for WEEN1990-1999 PERVERTED BY DESIRE/PERVERTED As Perverted by Desire:La sigla del sadico esperto (Shimmy Disc Europe/1991)Kuvun Huuto (Shimmy-Disc/Manifesto Records/1993)As Perverted:Poetic terrorism in an era of grief (GAP/1995)For lonely men to jerk off to (GAP/1997)Boatsman far (My first Sonny Weissmuller recordings/1998)1987-1992 producer KING MISSILE1989-1991 producer JON SPENSER/PUSSY GALORE1987-1991 co-founder BONGWATER1987-1990 producer DANIEL JOHNSTON1987-1990 producer GALAXIE 500 (all recordings, world tours/LIVE sound)1985-1990 bassist/producer HALF JAPANESE1989 producer, WHITE ZOMBIE1988 bassist GG ALLIN & The SUPERSCUM (one gig only)1987-89 bassist/producer B.A.L.L.1987 bassist/producer HALF JAPANESE1987 musiciain/producer, ALLEN GINSBERG (see shimmy-001 THE 20th Anniversary of the Summer of Love)1985 bassist BUTTHOLE SURFERS (late '85 european debut & food poisoning debacle)1984 bassist THE FUGS (quit in zurich)1982-1985 cheap organ/bassist/producer SHOCKABILLY (quit in ohio)1980 keyboard/synth/trombone NY GONG (fired by daevid allen)Film Music:1994 PULP FICTION directed by Quentin Tarantino (producer/engineer/arranger: for Urge Overkill's "Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon") 1994 THE LAST PARTY (documentary) music producer (fired during post-production)Live Sound Producer:1989 SONIC YOUTH1988-1991 GALAXIE 5001983 SUN RA (thrice)1980-1982 THE WAITRESSESDirecting:1991 WEEN…3 short 16mm b&w films, reissued as videos, one banned by Dean & Gene1992 The Guilt Trip (a 16mm film work in progress)1988-1990 BONGWATER…two 16mm color "animated" shorts2001 "SHYLOCK" based upon Shakespeare's MERCHANT OF VENICE (16mm b&w film ...in progress)Writing Credits & Liner Notes:2001 "Our Band Could Be Your Life" - Notes on the American Underground(Notes on the 1985 Butthole Surfers tours)2000 Book Preface; THE DANIEL JOHNSTON HANDBOOK (soft skull press)1990 GALAXIE 500 "ON FIRE" liner notes (rough trade; reissued on Rykodisc)Artists Kramer has Worked with:SQUARE ROOT OF MARGARET, TOENUT, URCHINS, VIOLET LIES, JUNE, PANDORA'S LUNCHBOX, COAL, JENNYANYKIND, NERDY GIRL, EIGHT RIVERS, KRACKHOUSE, ETHER, GERRYMANDER BOB, CROATAN, , SHARKY'S MACHINE, SHAVED PIGS, MOLD, MEN & VOLTS, ARTLESS, ART, VELVET MONKEYS, THERMOS, WHEN PEOPLE WERE SHORTER & LIVED NEAR THE WATER, MISSING FOUNDATION, ROLLS, SPONGEHEAD, SQUIRRELS FROM HELL, SHERMAN, PORCUPINE 9, VELVET CACTUS SOCIETY, FIREPROOF WOMEN, MEAT, DEEP JIMI & THE ZEP CREAMS, WALKEN, A.T.S., NICOLE BLACKMAN, PUSHING UP DAISIES, GUTTER POETS, THE NIAGARAS, LIQUID FACE, RANCID POLECATS, BARBARA BROUSSALL, EYES & EARS, 12:01, WELD, JAHUMBA, PARIS SCREAM, BROTHER ALTERNATIVE, THE TADPOLES, THE BODY HAS A HEAD, CARLOS, SOFIA RUN, YELLOW PLASTIC BUCKET, THE DIFFERENTS, RAVEN, PUR, SUB-ROSA, THE DELUSIONS, ROTATER CUFF, NOVA OVENS, ELIXIR, JEHOVA WAITRESSES, SKELS, U.V. SKIN, BLUEBERRY SPY, ERNIE, TROUSER, PINEAPPLES, ROCK GODS, SLACKBONE, CITIZEN PAIN, DIRT SEARCH HEADLIGHT, WIERD HAROLD, NEW REPUBLIC, MILLENIUM, THE ROLLS, THE NUTLEY BRASS, THE CLANDESTINES, BATH, F.S. CAMELS, JUMP THE GUN, GRITHER, A HALO CALLED FRED, BISCUIT, STILL-MOTION, I-SHARKO, FRED NEBULA, SR. CHINNARO, MY FAVORITE, VEGETERIAN MEAT, PIVOT FOOTS, BABY LEMONADE, THE DEVILS, THE DUSTDEVILS, SKYE, FLUFFER, THE HONEYMOON KILLERS, BIG DIPPER, THE EXPLODING KIND, FRIENDS, THE REVELLERS, BOWERY ELECTRIC, BOOGIEMAN SMASH, SALIVA, OCTOBER PROJECT, PENN & TELLER, HYPNOLOVEWHEEL, JOHN ZORN, RANDOLPH'S GRIN, BIG MONKEY BIRD, CHRIS GANSKY, BILLY WEST, SLUDGE, WEAVING KATRINA, KING TAMMY, HEPCAT'S DILEMMA, CRINGE, FIBERFLY, TRANS-LOVE AIRWAYS, TEABAG, MOST SORDID PIES, BONE OF CONTENTION, RICK SANFORD, NANOFROG, TAMMY LANG, CRACK BABIES, THUNDERING LIZARDS, SONIC RABBITFISTS, SERA CULT, CURIOUS RITUAL, DAVEY JONES LOCKER, PAPERHOUSE, NOODLE MUFFIN & THE PIG SQUINTS, BEEF, ALMOST BLUE, HEMLOCK 13, THE ZIMMERMANS, PSYCHLONE RANGERS, BRENDA KAHN, MARC RIBOT, WON LUMP SOME, MELBA, RESOLVE, NO SANER, GRASS DRAGS, WALKEN, THE GHOST SHIRTS, FLYING CARPET PEOPLE, THE PUNDITS, RED TOMATO, BOILED IN LEAD, CRANK, PURPLE MOON GIANTS, TED CAN SWIM, PUR, DROPKICK, MELTING HOPEFULLS, GIZZARD, SEMICOLON, THE FRYDADDY'S, THE HAIRY PAT BAND, SANITY ASSASSINS, SALLY MALADROITE, DRIZZLE, SLACK SABBATH, WISEACRE, REBBY SHARP, ZEENA PARKINS, WORKDOGS, KENWARD ELSMLIE, FLOUR, TOM CORA, BURST, GEORGE CARTWRIGHT, SAMM BENNETT, FRANK LONDON, PEACH OF IMMORTALITY, LIVE SKULL, DANDELION FIRE, EUGENE CHADBOURNE, PRONG, JELLO BIAFRA, TINEAR, THURSTON MOORE, OF CABBAGES & KINGS, SYD STRAW, THE TINKLERS, THREE CAR GARAGE, NO SAFETY, SLEEPYHEAD, SPORTSGUITAR, CHIA PET, PENELOPE TRIP, WALKINGSEEDS, SEMIBEINGS, TRAINS & BOATS & PLANES, TINY LIGHTS, PUSSYWILLOWS, RAYMOND LISTEN, PERVERTED BY DESIRE, PANDA, MUTTONGUN, TULI KUPFERBERG, THE MABUSES, LUMINOUS, THE ASSASSINS, JELLYFISH KISS, FLY ASHTRAY, EGOMANIACS, WEEN, FALSE FRONT, AENONE, BULKHEAD, E-TRANCE, EDSEL AUCTIONEER, ROGER MANNING, BONGOS BASS & BOB, the ANNIE VOLK BAND, FINGERS, YO LA TENGO, BARNYARD SLUT, BINSEY POPLARS, BANK OF SODOM, LICORICE ROOTS, DEBORAH HARRY, LOU REED, CEYLON WAR MACHINE, SAETA, SWOLLEN MONKEYS, R. STEVIE MOORE, HAL WILLNER, JAD FAIR, LINDA DRAPER, MATT MENOCVIK, TAMMY FAYE STARLIGHT, JEFFREY LEWIS, BROTHER DANIELSON, MIKE WATT, I AM STEREO, BARRY STOCK, DANIEL SMITH, PETER STAMPFEL, etc..

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