Chronique de soleil noir sur le site anglais très pointu dédié à la musique folk ! yess !

Belgian take on spooked blues and cowboy dreams With all lyrics in French but with a musical foot firmly in American styles (dobro, harmonica, pedal steel), this is a bit of a challenge. One is reminded of some of Serge Gainsbourg’s forays into other musical territories although there is none of his legendary loucheness here. Essentially the band play exceptionally well, the dobro is well to the front and there is even a cover of a John Fahey tune “Sunflower River Blues” which indicates the direction they are coming from. The first three songs are excellent, in particular “L’ombre du coloir” which has some arresting guitar playing. There are shades of L. Cohen on the following song, “Sophie” and thereafter the album (with the exception of the aforementioned Fahey cover) strays away from the American influences with the vocals reverting to that French tradition of semi spoken Gitane stained sound (a la Gainsbourg). The final song (Origine du Monde, trans, origin of the world) is played by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Liege and sticks out like a sore thumb. Overall a good album but probably only of interest on this side of the channel to a select few.diapo_apercu10

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