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Assez surprenant ! le disque sera en front page du site cdbaby à partir de vendredi prochain ... *****Reviewer: Pamela at CD BabyCasually moving from keyboard doom pop to rollicking space dance to the more finessed and grown up sound of trip hop, Miam Monster Miam’s brand of bizarro Belgian pop en Français is at once compelling, trippy, and fun. This reviewer’s French is limited to the phrase “Je ne parle pas Français,” but the sweet melodies coupled with the suave, deep delivery (smacking of Serge Gainsbourg) transcend whatever barriers might exist between the language in which the record was recorded and those non-speakers who want to listen; you simply don’t need to know what these songs are about to dance to them or enjoy their beauty. There’s something of the French duo Air’s work represented here, but where Air leans toward Burt Bacharach at times, Miam Monster Miam’s music looks more to the space age and the psychedelic with a smirking nod to the Belgian disco pop trio, Telex. Heavy on the keyboard patches (but not in a cheesy fake strings sort of way), almost every piece is a synthpop dance gem, and the ones that aren’t are just pretty.

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